Everything is Energy: An Interview with Corinna Springer

All forms of trauma can invoke a deeper inquiry into the many methods of healing, and grief especially can bring up questions about healing through the metaphysical and the unseen. But knowing when and where and how to start exploring alternative methods and realms can often seem overwhelming, regardless of where you are on your own journey. 

With these questions in mind, I had the pleasure to speak with Corinna Springer, a Reiki teacher, Rising Star Practitioner, author, fashion consultant, and creator of the new GIAN KAMAL line of essential oils and sprays.

Photo by Luis Guillen

Photo by Luis Guillen

Corrina's journey started in art and fashion. Born and raised in Germany, she studied and worked in Paris until 2003 when she was initiated into Reiki (a Japanese technique of energy work). Shortly after her initiations she moved from Paris to New York to continue her career in fashion PR. She became a Reiki teacher in 2006, and a Rising Star Practitioner quickly thereafter, continuing to explore a variety of trainings and studies into various other intuitive healing modalities, while also opening her PR agency in 2007.

In 2015 she adopted the name Gian Kamal, which signifies "wisdom of the pure lotus" and fittingly illustrates her quest for truth and initiation into the mysteries of life. In the spring of 2017 Corinna launched GIAN KAMAL, a line of essential oils and sprays infused with a golden light energy. 

Currently, she balances her life helping wellness start ups and conscious brands through her consultancy firm Khora Consulting while continuously deepening her understanding of all things metaphysical.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Photo by Bjarne Jonasson

Photo by Bjarne Jonasson

So, what is energy work?

Everything is energy: energy is matter vibrating at different frequencies: it is either denser (and visible) or not as dense and invisible to our physical eyes hence also referred to as dark matter in physics. We only perceive 0.2% (or so) of our surroundings with our physical eyes. 

One should understand that we all have energy bodies surrounding and penetrating our physical body. There are the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual body to name a few. All vibrate at different frequencies yet all are interconnected through our chakra system, and that in turn connects them to the physical body. All chakras are connected to different glands regulating our hormones, and this is why energy work can have effects on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Energy work is about restoring balance by bringing in higher vibrating frequency into the denser. For example, when an organ is sick it is out of sync and vibrating slower than when it is in good health. Bringing in energy such as Rei - ki (which means universally guided life force energy and which is really all around us in the ether), a practitioner is able to channel this energy into a person's energy field to raise the vibration overall, including the sick organs. 

A great analogy for example is to compare a person's emotional body in a balanced and healthy state to water, lets say dark and muddy water in the case of grief or trauma. When we bring in reiki into that imbalanced emotional body it's as if we were pouring tons of crystal clear water into the mud bringing dirt to the surface and clearing it out. In that way it helps a lot with emotional release and can be a wonderful help for someone in grief. 


What kind of energy work do you do?

USUI Reiki is really the basis of all energy work in my understanding. There are many different types of Reiki that build on the first 3 degrees in the USUI lineage.

Reiki consists of laying the hands on the body in a prescribed pattern and allowing the energy of life to flow through the hands to the person being treated.

There is also a practice called Rising Star, powerful treatment sourced from ancient Tibetan lineage. It works by directing energy through the client’s chakra system, working on the five elements; fire, water, air, earth and ether, so that your entire being can start to balance and heal. 


Grief can make people especially fragile and vulnerable. When is the appropriate time for someone to seek energy work? 

Grief very often comes as an opportunity to go deeper into ones own being. Grief is happening in stages and I strongly believe when some one is going through the depression phase, that a soft type of energy work like reiki may help soothe the person, although I would only go to a trusted person you have worked with before and where you feel safe.  

The intention of the receiver is creating his or her experience. You can use the intention that you receive only as much as you can handle at that time, and that is what you will get. However I would strongly advise to listen to your inner voice: whether it is the right moment to receive energy work only YOU will know. Some types of energy work can be a kick in your behind, excellent when you are stuck, not when you are fragile. 


What does a typical energy work session look like? What should someone expect (or not expect!)?

There are many different types of energy work, and sessions can look very different: 

You could be sitting in a chair or laying on a massage table. Some practitioners will lay their hands on you while others may not even touch you. 

Everyone's experience of the energy is also different, some see colors, others feel heat, and then some people feel like they are sinking into the massage table and others like they are hovering, and then some people don’t feel or sense anything, and that is perfectly ok too. Generally though everyone feels relaxed, and recharged after a session.

When deep work is being done there can be emotional release, some unbalanced behavior, addiction, drama etc can be brought to the surface and be released and consciously worked with. Subconscious guilt or anger may come up as well and in stead of being acted out subconsciously negative behavior patterns can be seen and released. 

Other physical symptoms include energetic rebalancing, i.e short lived fever or cold, but nothing to be worried about. In rare cases deep seated trauma that was relinquished to the subconscious mind could come up to be released as well. 

Photo by  Sharon Pittaway  on  Unsplash

How can energy work help specifically with grief?

Energy work can help heal in different ways : it could potentially help you to go through the grieving at a faster pace. It can lift your vibration, it can be very soothing and feel like you are in a cocoon.

Especially when calling on the energies of the divine mother, it can help restore a feeling of inner peace. You feel taken care of and protected, it's very sweet, loving and gentle. 

Subconscious guilt or anger may come up as well and instead of being acted out subconsciously, negative behavior patterns can be seen and released. 


Grief is an important time for extra self care. In your own studies and experiences, what advice you have found most helpful?

In general being in nature helps - the very earth is charging our energy body through our feet.

Go through these stages at your own time, do not push yourself. Make time for Epson salt baths, and if you feel depressed, use a lot of rose oil - the best is rose absolute. Put it in the diffuser - put it on your heart, declare the intention to love yourself more, while rubbing it on your chest.

If depression persists energy work is perfect to raise the vibration, and so is practicing certain mantras, for example the gayatri mantra.  In terms of essential oils the Blue Lotus Roll On essence in the Gian Kamal line will bring in uplifting energies, as well as the Golden Light Roll On essence, as it dispels darkness.


Do you have any favorite resources for someone interested in learning more about energy work?

There are many amazing books about Reiki. William Lee Rand is considered the most prominent author in all things Reiki. Then there is Barbara Brennan, her books are very enlightening and practical about energy, the different energy bodies, colors, etc.

On topics like sacred geometry you have Drunvalo Melchizedek, his books The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Volume I and Volume II has been crucial for my own understanding of “reality.”

There is always The Crystal Bible, to get a first understanding of how crystals heal.

I also wrote a book, An intuitive study of reality: A guide to master the experience of our reality, for anyone who is new to all things spiritual and metaphysical. It was meant to be an introduction.




To schedule a session with Corrina in New York City or long distance, please visit www.corinnaellenspringer.com